Sunday, 11 August 2013

Yesterdays outing

Afternoon all.

Sorry for lack of posts but not had a lot of time and not really anything to post. We went out yesterday to Coaley peak and its lovely there. The veiw there is stunning. I will put one picture in of the veiw. . Right in the distance you might be able to make out the river Severn.

We stayed there and had a bite to eat and then went for a walk round the green there, They let parts of the grass grow  [leaving walking paths] and the flowers and the like are really great. They then cut
it and its taken for cattle feed.

 From There we went on to a place called Tog Hill. It to has a lovely veiw. Ron and I have been going there for years to watch the swallows nest. Most years they manage two broads and this year was the same. They nest in the ladies toilets and people going in and out do not seem to bother them.  Also this year they are nesting in the mens and Ron went in to see and they also have young. I managed to get these pictures[ and many more lol ] I am chuffed with them. Hope you like them to

 The larger bird sitting on the edge of the nest[ in the picture below] is one of the first broad and and went back to get some food from the parent.
                                            They will not be long before they fledge,
Thank you for looking and ant comment you leave I love reading them,


Kathyk said...

Smashing photos from you again Lilian - nice day out by the looks of it too


Lilian said...

Thank you Kathy. Hugs

Sue Bridesmith said...

Hi Lilian, I love all the pics but my fav is the last one they look so cute.
Suzy B :-)

cucki said...

Aww cute birds..pretty photos.
Hugs x

catherine said...

Seems like you had a lovely day yesterday Lilian. So glad you managed to go there. great photos
x catherine