Thursday, 22 August 2013

I am back.

Well after nearly a week with out the internet I have to say its great to be back, Who could think a lose connection could do this. We knew it was not something bad as we still could get everything else but not the internet. Having said that the time I have been without it I have sorted all my pictures and have them on an exturnal drive so they are safe. [ I hope lol].

I am a really chuffed and proud Mum and Nan today. My yougest daughter  Kerry who is studying hard and want to become a paramedic recieved  her results today and she got a "A" so can now go on to the next part of studying at Southampton uni.

Oldest granddaughter Teri who wants to do something with Animals. Last thing she told me was travel to different parts of the world  and help sick animals also recieved her results and she got "2A"
"7B" and "3C" She now goes on to Sparsholt to study. Good luck to them both,

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any comment you leave I love reading them. Hugs


Kathyk said...

Good to see you back Lilian - we missed your chatty posts.

Congratulations to your daughter and granddaughter


cucki said...

Glad to see you back
Hugs x

Kiotta said...

I'm glad it's all ok now and I think your girls are very clever, best wishes to them all :)

Hugs by Kiotta

catherine said...

Really glad to see you back Lilian.
What wonderful news for all the exam results and congratulations to them all. Well worth all the hard work
x catherine

Dora said...

Hello Lilian I'm back too :P I've been more than two weeks away however as I just were not blogging at all with the Summer heat here just didn't feel like it !!! It is nice coming back and hearing your news. Well done to your daughter and granddaughter on your exams. My son too had his A Levels this year but he didn't do as good and just had to do resists. We're now waiting for the results xxx