Sunday, 2 June 2013

Our little garden

Good morning all.
Another lovely day today and Ron and I are off out soon to to walk round Tortworth lake, Its a lovely lake and is private land but opened to the public one a month.
As you see we have only a small garden but right now its looking good, The wisteria is really full of flower this year, Its the best it has been. Its over 20 years old.
 The maple is lovely as well. Just got to get some plants for the window boxes and we are set. The last pancies we had in them lasted over 8 months so hope the next lot of plants last as long.
I have planted some runner beans and as they are coming up I though I would look at the sticks we used year before last only to find they are been taken over by bee's. So I guess its down to the shops to buy more. Just case a bee is still in there and trapped, Ok so I just do not want to poor things to suffer,
Getting on with the blanket and only have 3 1/2 squares to do. I will post a picture when its finished,
Thank you for taking the time to read this and any comments you leave I love reading them


Kathyk said...

I'd BEE with you about those canes (sorry, pun intended) and buy some more!

Enjoy your walk - look forward to seeing more pix later

Your wisteria is looking fabulous too btw


Sue Bridesmith said...

I just love your wisteria, lilian, I planted one last year and it's got a long way to go.......
Suzy B :-)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Beautiful pics Lilian. Fancy you making a little bee house with your canes. I wouldn't want to disturb them either. They're good for the garden and well worth buying a few more canes for. Enjoy your walk. Lx

cucki said...

Beautiful...enjoy your walk..
Hugs x

catherine said...

Great pic of the garden Lilian. it is looking good. Hope you enjoyed your walk today
x catherine