Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wet Sunday.

Morning and welcome to a wet Sunday. Although why SUN day when its raining lol

Would like to welcome Sandy mccarthy, Lauren Hatwell, and CraftyRose to my Blog. Hope you pop back from time to time.
I have been busy trying to get things done as well as some crafting. I am now crocheting a blanket to go on our bed and hope to get in finished really soon but when I started it did not think I would need as many squares as I am going to need. I will need 54 and it date have done 24 so still a long way to go lol.
 I also make a card yesterday and I like it.
I took a 250 GSM card and some ribbon.
I stuck the ribbon a short way down the card but finishing at different lengths
Then going from the bottom of the card and rotating the ribbons stuck ribbons  to meet the ribbons at the top.
Then using pinflair glue glued bows to hide the join.
Then stamped  "have a good day" in the bottom left hand corner.
Thank you for stopping by and any comments you leave I love reading them.


Kathyk said...

Your blanket is coming on and you are NEARLY ½ way, Lilian - well done.

Card looks great and like the bows too


Kerryp77 said...

Lovely wool used on the granny's - almost half way though Lilian. The card is very pretty too. Such a good idea.

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Wow I love the squares for the blanket, Lilian, such lovely colours! And a very nice card too, I like the idea of all the different ribbons. Hope you have a lovely day :-) Laura x

cucki said...

wow your blanket is looking so lovely..
lovely card x