Friday, 3 February 2012

More bird pictures lol

Out again yesterday afternoon. We went to old passage and it was lovely there although a bit drafty as its right near the river severn. Had a bit of luck though as we spotted some lapwings and a couple of red wings. There is a hedge there and it does make it a bit difficult to get pictures but tried my best. For those who do now know the first three pictures are lapwings [and a sheep lol ] The last one is the red wing. Thank you for looking and reading this and taking the time to leave comments I love to read them. Stay warm all. Hugs Lilian


cucki said...

Very lovely pictures..
Have a lovely weekend xxx

Kathyk said...

Smashing and well done on the depth of field "thang" - love the fuzzy foreground

Happy Sunday


Dora said...

Beautiful photos, you live in a very lovely place :) xx