Sunday, 23 June 2013

Trip out

Went out a couple of days ago to a place called Tog hill. Its a pinic area and its lovely there . On a clear day  you can see the river Severn and you can see both the old bridge and the new one.
There is Toilets there and every year the house martins nest in the ladies. They so not seem to worry about people going in and out and more than once they have flown over my head,
The young have fledged and I went to see if i could get pictures on them. I was stood in the corner and one of the young came down and flew  right in front of me. I could have caught him he was that close. [ not that I wanted to] I think he was checking me out lol.
The first picture is one of the young
The second is a wag tail that was in the card park
Third is the parent on the nest and just as I took the picture it turned and it looks as though it has no head,  They sometimes have a second brood.
Thank yuo for looking and any comment you leave I love reading them.


Kathyk said...

How lucky were you then? To get such fab pix

Happy Sunday, Lilian


cucki said...

Sweet pictures xxx