Sunday, 24 November 2013

Four Christmas cards

I cannot believe its been nearly a month since I last posted,[ must try harder}  Don't seem to have a lot of time for the computer right not but will not go into why right now,
I have not been able to craft much. I have got knitting on the go as well as needing more Christmas cards. I am also reading some good books, They are a Cotswold series by Rebbeca Tope and they are good, All the towns and villages are real. She has only changes farm and house names, Well worth a read I an on number 6 of 12,
I did manage to get some cards to get some cards finished and will share a four with you. I have some more in my Gallery on Craftbubble 11,
These first two I had some lovely backing paper and glued it onto the 300 gsm card.
The first one I then glued ribbon down each side, Mainly because  the paper was just a bit to small but thought it worked well with the paper. Although you cannot see it really well its blue with white spots, I then glued two toppers on there, They are from Kanban and have had them [with lots of other]  and some card since I started card making so thought it was time I started to use them lol.
The second card I have some lovely ribbon and it has trees, Snowdrops and heart on it. I brought it in a shop near here called "Inches," The toppers for these where free sometime ago with a magazine.  

 The first one of these two I wanted to do something like the others but different, So again I glued backing paper onto the 300 gsm card.  more ribbon down the sides, Didn't want the topper round so with the cuttlebug cut out  the red shape and then cut in in half and backed it onto the round snowman. then glued three snowdrops onto the side and a sentiment under there. Although you cannot see it very well it says FOR YOU,

The second one I did the same and glued the backing paper onto the 300 GSM card and then the ribbon down the side, Two more Kanban toppes and I glued a but of the ribbon under the sentiment which says  " wishing you a very merry Christmas"
Thank you for taking the time to read this and any comment you leave I love reading them.


Kathyk said...

Fab projects, are you nearly caught up with your Christmas card shortfall?

Enjoy those books


cucki said...

So pretty x

Kiotta said...

you did a really goof job! I'm so sorry this year I cannot send any card, so many troubles around here in Italy...