Saturday, 20 July 2013

New Fire.

Morning, Ron and I have been saying we wanted a multi burning stove for a long time. So we decided it was time we got one. We have been having a clear out and getting rid of things we do not use. We have things here that have not seen the light of day for 10 years so I guess we do not need them lol. The men down the dump are getting to know us lol. Its really is hard with all this hot weather but we are getting there.
The first picture is after the men had been there for awhile and it looks really messy lol

 Second one is how it  looked when they left the first day. I was getting quite excited by then .

Last picture is how it was when they left. As you can see it was blazing away. They has to show us how it worked and make sure it was ok. Boy OH boy was it hot in there. Don't think we will be cold this winter. Just got the finishing touches and we are ready for our visiter to arrive the end of September,

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any comment you leave I love reading them.



Kathyk said...

It's looking great Lilian (or should that be GRATE???) - bet you will be TOASTIE warm this winter

Have a great weekend too


cucki said...

Wow looking so nice..
Enjoy x

Sue Bridesmith said...

Hi Lilian, you will not regret it, I love ours especially in the winter, I sit in my lounge sometime with no lights on just watching the flames, you cannot beat a real fire.....
Suzy B :-)

catherine said...

Thtat looks like a great fire Lilian and glad it's sorted for you. I know what you mean about clearing out - I have thrown away so much during the move.
x catherine

Marilyn said...

It is beautiful. I am sure youu will be warm this winter I am still trying to clear things out. Miss you. Marilyn

Marilyn said...

It is beautiful. I am sure you will be warm this winter. Let's hope you will be nice and cozy while writing on Craftbubble. I miss you. Take care. Marilyn