Saturday, 23 March 2013

Daughter Birthday card

Afternoon all.

Well the snow didn't come to anything. thank goodness, I wrote a long post this morning and lost it all somehow so thought I will write in on an email and copy and paste it. Hope this works lol

This card did not turn out how it started. It was going to have a narrow piece on the left side the bigger oblong over the narrow piece and another square over that but as it went on I was drawn to this design,

I started with a 250 GSM card.

Next I cut out a pink piece of card stock smaller than the white card.

Next some pink spotted paper. glued the spotted paper onto the pink card

Then glued some ribbon over the paper.

I then cut two narrow pieces of card and a larger one.

Onto them I glued some floral paper. then glued them onto the pink spotted paper.

I finished off with a pink heart saying happy birthday.

Thank you for looking and any comments you leave I love reading them.

Hugs lilian


Kathyk said...

And it worked out really well too - your daughter should be well pleased to receive this card

Happy Saturday


Lauren Hatwell said...

It's lovely Lillian. The design really works. The papers are lovely. Your daughter will love it. Lx

cucki said...

Really so sweet x

catherine said...

This is beautiful Lillian. I'm glad your snow didn't cause problems . We have had so much of it now I am getting fed up!!!
x catherine