Thursday, 20 December 2012

The moon and cobwebs,

I took the picture of the moon the other night. It came out really well and I was well pleased with it, I have  a Fugifilm HS 20. its a lovely camera.
The cob webs I took the morning we had a really hard frost and they were on the washing line in the neighbours garden.
Thank you for looking and any coments you leave I love reading them.


Kathyk said...

Great pix though, regrettably, this means you'll have to wipe off your line before you can use it!!! Not today though - with all this rain!

Happy Thursday matey


cucki said...

Beautiful photos x

Kiotta said...

Lovely pictures, you better use a drying machine!

XOXO Kiotta

Steph said...

Beautiful photos! The cobwebs look so pretty.