Friday, 14 December 2012

A couple of birds.Feathered lol

Took these pictures a few days ago. The blackbird. [1ST picture] was sat on the fence behind the bird feeder and looks as though he is wondering how to get in there. I saw one the other day watching the sparrows on the feeders and then when they went he got on top of the hedge and started to eat what they had dropped.
The second picture is a rook and he was just in front of the River Severn although you cannot see it in the picture.
Thank yuo for looking and any coment you leave I love reading them Hugs


Kathyk said...

What a cheeky first photo - smashing bird pix Lilian


cucki said...

aww cute photo..i love bird so much..
hugs x

Sue Bridesmith said...

In the first picture, it's almost as if the bird is posing....... lol xxxxx