Monday, 16 April 2012

Get well card.

A friend went into hospital yesterday so I thought I would make her a get well card. The cat card I made a few days ago, Went out again today and took yet more pictures,  Thank you for reading this and any comments you leave. i love reading them.
Hugs lilian


Kathyk said...

I've seen the cat card before (you showed me when we met) so I'll say nothing about it as we've already done that! Your get well card is adorable and I think I recognise new stash when I see it!!! Your dandelion photo is just fabulous too - with your new camera I assume?


Kathyk said...

Just stopped by your blog to see if there was anything odd about it since you can't post but.... nope, all looks normal.

Blogger strikes again!


scrappyjacky said...

The dandelion photo is just perfect....and a lovely card.

Dora said...

Hi Lilian, I just saw your comments you had left me some time ago. Sorry I took so long to write back but they were in the spam section and I hadn't seen them! There were another two from two other bloggers, don't know what happened! Anyway,you said you have another blog, so I see now why your last post is dated in April. Hope you see my comment now, cos couldn't find your email address... and would love to be your follower again... and love your cards, the Fuzzy Moon one is really cute :) Hugs Dora xx