Friday, 30 March 2012

My new camera

Well feel a really lucky lady today. My darling hubby brought me a lovely new camera for my birthday. {early I have to say lol] and yesterday we went out and I tried it . I have to say I love it. I will still be using the little camera I have as its good to carry with you all the time. The new one is a FinepixHS20 EXR. I never though I would get a camera like it as i have always been a point and shot girl lol. These are some of the picture I took yesterday. They are shell ducks
Thank you for stopping by and reading this I love to read any comments you leave. Hugs lilian


Kathyk said...

Smashing first pix with your stunning new camera. Can't wait to see your techniques develope with familiarity too


Kiotta said...

Such a beautiful present and nice pictures you took. I Hope you received my email I thank you so much for the card Again Iam going to post it on my blog. hugs by kiotta