Monday, 27 February 2012

Easter cards

These are the cards I have been working on, I love doing cards and can send them to people.We live in a small flat and really have run out of room to put any large progects so am going to stick to cards and gifts for other people. I will have some more to put in later in the week as I am working on a card for a lady who will be 99 years old in march also doing a small wall hanging for her.
Didn't get the camera out in time this morning. We had a lovely little mouse in the garden.
I will post some pictures that I took yesterday when we were out. Not a lot as I think the wild life seems to run away when we turn up.
Thank you for stopping by and reading this
I love reading your comments.


cucki said...

wowwwwwww they all so lovely..
i love them so much..
have a lovely day xx

Kerryp77 said...

aww lovely Easter cards Lilian

Kathyk said...

So many delightful cards Lilian that I am sure the lucky recipients will love.

Happy Monday (CB's back up and running too)


Chaucer's Aunty said...

Gorgeous Easter cards Lilian! Hope you are well and thank you for your comments on my blog. Laura x

Steph said...

Beautiful cards.