Friday, 13 January 2012

What a wonderful sunset.

Went out late yesterday for a drive round. [Well Ron drove I cannot lol]  and as the dusk was apon us we saw what I can only say is the most wonderful sunset I have seen in years. The sky started pink and went a bright red. it was so beautiful. I took loads of pictures but promise not to put them all on here lol.Waiting in today for some thing I have ordered but as always they never come when you are in. I bet if I went out the would arrive. Take care everyone and hope you all have a great weekend and if the sun shines as they say it might it will not be to bad.
Thank you for reading this and any comments you leave. I love reading them.


cucki said...

Very beautiful sunset:)
Hugs xx

Kathyk said...

Love those photos, particularly the red one of the bridge - gorgeous. Did you use a filter on it or is that the colour it came out?

Happy Friday


Kiotta said...

Gorgeous pictures you made! thank you for posting :)
Hugs by Kiotta