Saturday, 24 December 2011

My pin badges and a sunrise

I have been collecting pin badges for a long time. I have sortd them all out and now have them all on a pillow case. I countd them and have 426 and still getting them where I can. The trouble is thats lots of places keep bringing the same once out each year and I have some the same but have not put them on here. Also this was the sunset this morning and the sky was very red.
Take care everyone. Thank you for reading this and for any comments you leave. I love reading them. Lilian xxx


Kathyk said...

OH MY - What a lot of pin badges you have Lilian.

Love your morning "sunset" pix

Merry Christmas to you and L.R.


cucki said...

wow so many lovely pin badges..
lovely picture..
merry christmas .
love cucki xx

cucki said...

hello deary, thank you so much for my lovely christmas gift..i received it today..everything is so lovely..
beautiful stitched card for me..i love it so much and a lovely autumn picture..i will frame it.i love the color so much...cute ornament..
thank you for everything..
thank you
love for you
hugs cucki xx