Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My daughter and granddaughters.

My oldest daughter Kirsty emailed me this picture and I just had to share it with you. Its a lovely picture of four of my granddaughters and their Kirsty. I cannot believe how they have all grown up. Also there is a picture of my son-in law to complete the family.  
Top picture Jamie- lee  10  . Danielle 13 . My daughter Kirsty. Maddison in her Arms 2   and Teri is 15   in the suit is Kirsty's  Husband  Teri
In the other picture is Steven who is Married to my youngest daughter kerry and  Stephanie who was younger there. Last picture is of Kerry with Stephanie  again who now   is 8.
I am so proud of them all and love them to bits. Thank you for looking and reading this and any comments you leave I love reading them, Lilian x


Kathyk said...

A smashing selection of memorable family photos - thanks for sharing. Completely understand why you are proud of them and wanted to share.


cucki said...

beautiful family and great sweet pictures xx