Monday, 28 November 2011

My first owl pictures

. We have a place near  where I live that  at least two short eared owls winter. The come down here from Scotland. They will be be here until  March when they will go back to bred. I have tried to take pictures of them with my little  camera but it never happens as they are to far away. So Ron said why not try my SLR camera.  It has a  big lense and it sure is taking some getting used to but I am getting there. We went down yesterday and there were two there and they sure are lovely. I will enclose a couple of the better pictures I managed to take. They are not pefect but I am getting there. It would be better if they were still lol.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Thank you for reading this and any comments you leave. I love to read them.


Kathyk said...

Wow great pix - right place and right time too - look forward to seeing more as you get used to the SLR, they're quite a change from the point and shoot camera's aren't they?

Happy Monday, Lilian and Ron


cucki said...

wow very lovely pictures..well done xx