Friday, 25 November 2011

A lovely weekend away.

I have been away [back a few days just busy lol] I went to visit my family and had a really busy weekend. I wanted to get all the Christmas presents so I didn't have to post them as you never know how long its going to take. Went to toys r us and its was so busy but you give kids money and you will never get out of there. lol.  I really had a lovely time with them all and was hoping to get a nice picture of them all together but the best plans never work out so I am waiting to recieve one later from my daughter. Sunday afternoon I  went for a walk at Itchen Valley Country park and it was lovely. Messy under foot but nice all the same. Since I have been back I have been out and about looking for short eared owls. I have seen a couple but not managed to get any pictures. Ron is letting me use one of his camera's to see if I can get any. I have a camera but not like his with a nice lense on it. Thank you for stopping by and reading this and thank you for any comments I love to read them.  The first picture is of my daughter Kirsty's dog Buddy. The second is youngest daughters dog Toby "a mexican hairless" , and the others were taken Sunda afternoon on our walk.


Kathyk said...

Love the pix and Buddy and Toby look adorable. Glad to hear you have enjoyed your weekend away


cucki said...

so glad you had a lovely time..beautiful pictures..i love them all so much.
hugs xx