Sunday, 6 November 2011

last nights sky

Not as nice as some I have seen but you know me. Its a lovely day here and the sun is shinning lovely but boy is is cold. Got up this morning and all the windows were steamed up so it really shows how cold it was last night. Time is going so fast these days I am sure there is not 24 hours in a day. Going to set two and get some more Christmas cards done as I really have to play catch up. Should have done what I said and done at least one a month maybe next year. Hope you are all well and thank you for looking and any comments.


cucki said...

beautiful picture xx

Kathy said...

I love amazing skies like that! Glorious...I have been strolling through your blog - I'll have to see if knitting or crocheting will keep me up! My husband and daughter are night owls! I am a morning bird! I always fall asleep on them! So enjoyed my visit!