Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Yesterday morning it was very foggy  [picture 1] and didn't know if we were going to get out very early. Wanted to get a frame for the sunset, The fog burned off quite quick so thats was good. Went to look for a frame but nothing that would fit or do it justice. So we came home disappointed. Then in the evening the sky turned a lovely read and as always was out there with the camera. Out today with two good friends for lunch and to talk about a clollage we have started so we can take it to the craft club and all the members are going to help finish it of with different sorts of crafts. It will then hang in the community Centre where we hold the club.


Kathyk said...

Lovely sunset Lilian - and, yes, we woke up to murky morning yesterday and again this morning

Have a good day


cucki said...

yup,,very lovely sunset..i love all the pictures so much..
have a lovely day..hugs cucki xx