Sunday, 28 August 2011

Latest thing to finish,

Today I set to and  finish one of the baby cardigan I am knitting for my friend to give to her Niece, I love knitting and enjoy doing it while watching TV.  It keeps me awake lol. When I have finished knitting these I am gonig to start to do some for Auntie Jane again. I think I have put the two cardigans that are together on here before so if I did and you have seen them please forgive me,
 We have had some weird weather here and am hoping that it gets better. We have had small power cuts and the other night we had 7 in one evening. I hope everyone is well. Thank you for reading this and for your comments.


Kathyk said...

It's adorable Lilian - perhaps next time you'd like to make something PURPLE!!!


cucki said...

i love them so much..very lovely:)
we are all well..just a crazy cold an foggy day here..i think we will have a cold wave before to jump into spring..
hope weather at your side change too..
hugs xx