Thursday, 21 July 2011

10 days away.

.I have just spent a lovely 10 days in Darmstadt  Germany with my friend Syl and her husband Tony. I had a lovely restful time and watched all the Harry Potter movies and  as I had not seen one and they wanted to go to pictures so as Syl said I cannot see the last without seeing the others. I enjoyed them and the last one in 3D was great,
Syl took me to two craft shops and I did go a bit silly buying things now have to find room for them Lol.

Syl cat having a shake
The weather was good and we didn't have to much rain. Went to one store and found a really bid stieff bear and it looks as though its going to attact me. Wanted to take it home but it was just to big to get on the plane.

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Kathyk said...

Doesn't look like you went too mad .... or is there more? The bear looks great - but where would you have put him? Welcome back - so glad you had a great time.