Sunday, 20 January 2013


Well the snow is still keeping me in BUT not stopping me taking pictures. Out of out dinning room window we have lots of trees  [not our garden thats small] and the birds just love it out there so had fun yesterday. The first bird is a pied wagtail and they sure are pretty birds. They are black and white but pretty all the same. The next one is a black bird, and then a sparrow, Thank you for taking to time to read this and any comments you leave I love reading them. HUGS lilian  


Kathyk said...

Lovely pix, are you feeding the birds in this weather? Poor things can't forage for themselves - we've got fat balls and bird seed and hubby dons his wellies to nip out and feed them!

Happy Sunday - stay safe and warm and CRAFT matey!


cucki said...

so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee xxx

catherine said...

Great pictures LIlian
x catherine

Chaucer's Aunty said...

Oh wow what lovely pictures!!! Thanks for sharing :-)